Psyche Reveal

There is no such thing as coincidences :P

What if you were destined to find my page.. or perhaps it was destined to find you? Nevertheless, I want my thoughts to outlive my present - I want to create something I for once wouldn't look back at after a day and think to myself, "wow, that's quite embarrassing", hence I brought this project to life. I have many theories, and philosophies, both for the societies individually and humanity collectively — and beyond that into existence, and the universe. I know, there are so many words that exist, how'd I know what you want to hear, and how'd I convey exactly what I want you to hear? I hope to find out soon. My timezone is GMT+3, I am a female, English is not my first language and I major CS. I don't want to spoiler any further, but if you read some entries - I'm certain you'd find more of what you're looking for in here.